Pallets, Skids and Lids

Quinn & Quinn manufacture both hardwood and softwood pallets, skids, and lids, and used pallets in the most common sizes.

The softwood lumber we use is sourced from Canadian wood manufacturers who harvest lumber from sustainable forests. We have the ability to quickly and accurately mill the wood onsite to meet your specifications which gives us an advantage over some of our competitors.

Our automated assembly machines build uniform, square pallets that minimize pallet problems in today’s high-tech packaging lines. The position of the boards is always in exactly the same location, and the pallet is square so it will travel smoothly through your automated conveying systems and easily handled by autonomous material handling equipment.

When building small volume orders or large oversized pallets, the jigs we use for hand assembling pallets, skids & lids also build very uniform and square products.

We will build 1 pallet or 10,000, and our dry van delivery trucks will get the products delivered quickly, efficiently, and clean and dry.

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Softwood Pallets, Skids, and Lids

A pallet that is defined as a softwood pallet is constructed from coniferous woods such as spruce, pine, or fir. This wood is very cost effective and is a common material used to produce pallets that are used for a single trip only. If a softwood pallet is designed properly, it can have excellent load capacity and is the material most used for export certified pallets.

Hardwood Pallets, Skids, and Lids

A pallet that is defined as a hardwood pallet is constructed from higher density deciduous woods such as oak, or maple. This wood is considerably heavier and has better load capacity to softwood, but it also more expensive and harder to heat-treat for export.

Used Pallets

Used pallets are a very cost-effective shipping solution, and we carry the most common pallet sizes. Because used pallets come from various sources they do have a various deck board configurations and will have signs of being repaired and used in the past so we do not recommend used pallets for some of the modern automated packaging lines that many companies utilize today.


Quinn & Quinn has built crates in all shapes and sizes for all types of equipment & products.

With our experience and knowledge, we know how to build wood packaging so your product will be well protected during shipping, and the crate will be both effective and affordable.

We have built crates for 60-pound products and 60 tonne products, and the products have been shipped via truck, train, boat, or airplane.

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